Blood Moon

moon flattened-2-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg
This is one of my most popular images. I took this “series of images” of the full eclipse of the Blood Moon on April 15 of this year. I started taking photographs at around 10:30 pm and finished up around 4:00 am. I used my Sigma 300-800mm lens @ 800 mm to shoot the images and then processed them in Photoshop to show the entire sequence.

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Time to Update

Time to update my web site. I decided I had better sit down and update my site, although I am not done yet – nor will I ever be done, I will be consistently adding new images.

Here are a few images that I took on top of Mt. Evans back in July.

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Louisville Art Association “Judge’s Award” Winner

morrell--buffightLast week I received the “Judge’s Award” from the Louisville Arts Association nationally juriedĀ  photography show. 910 entries were received from 38 states and 2 other country’s.

This photo was taken last year in Custer State Park in South Dakota. The sun was setting and I noticed a group of buffalo fighting.

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Fox Hunting


Last week I went to my house in Granby Colorado to relax and photograph wildlife. Behind by home I watched this fox hunt for over 45 minutes. He didn’t mind that I watched and photographed him, from a distance.

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Burrowing Owls



Burrowing owls are hard to locate, but if you know where to look and how to spot them they are around. These images were taken near Denver International Airport, less than a mile from the runway. Burrowing owls live in prairie dog holes and if you are driving down the road and just casually look you probably won’t see any owls. Look closely and you might see an owl. The majority of these images are of young “owlets”, they are the ones with fuzzy all white bellies, the adults bellies are brown and white.

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Colorado Eagles


There is a field not far from my home that a pair of Eagles have been raising one baby, although it is as large as it’s parents now. Here are a series of photos, that I took with my new Nikon D 800 camera, of one of them landing on a tree branch.

Love the new camera, but the files are huge! Almost 40 MB for one RAW photo. A little over 25 years ago I bought my first MAC computer and added a 20 MB hard drive (for over $1000). Thank God technology has brought prices down!

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Pawnee Buttes – Keota Colorado


Last weekend I went to the north eastern part of Colorado in hopes to photograph the full moon as it was rising in the Pawnee Buttes National Grasslands. But the weather didn’t cooperate when the moon was rising. I did get some great shots of the nearly abandoned town of Keota Colorado. Life is very hard on the eastern plains of Colorado, not much rain, windy and a tough place to earn a living. Novelist James Mitchener used Keota as his base of operations when he was writing his novel Centennial.


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Sand Wash Basin


Janet and I went to Maybell, Colorado to take more photographs of wild horses at the Sand Wash Basin wild horse refuge. Maybell is in the the north western part of Colorado. This area is high plains desert and very dry and inhospitable, but the horses seem to be very healthy. One of the stallions photographed is a paint, look at his face to see one of his ears missing. He must have lost it during a fight – ouch! I personally think the area is beautiful – butĀ  to each their own.

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Bosque del Apache

DSCF0781.jpg_DSC8069-Edit.jpg_DSC7809 - Copy.jpg_DSC7747-Edit - Copy.jpg_GLM2288 - Copy.jpg_GLM2862-Edit.jpg_GLM2974-Edit.jpg_DSC8185-Edit - Copy.jpg_DSC8140.jpg_DSC7860-Edit.jpg_DSC7785-Edit.jpg_DSC7826.jpg_DSC7811-Edit.jpg_GLM2766.jpg_GLM2183-Edit-Edit.jpg_GLM2160 - Copy.jpg_DSC8159 - Copy.jpg_GLM2246.jpg_DSC7799 - Copy.jpg_GLM2261.jpg_GLM2599-Edit.jpg_GLM2272-Edit.jpg_GLM2310.jpg_GLM2312-Edit.jpg_GLM2664-Edit.jpg_GLM2683.jpg_GLM2889-Edit.jpg_GLM2841.jpg_GLM3295.jpg_GLM2389.jpg_GLM2396.jpg_GLM2351.jpg_GLM2339.jpg_GLM2342.jpg_GLM2627.jpg_DSC8207 - Copy.jpg_DSC8028.jpg_DSC8040-Edit.jpg

Janet and I traveled to New Mexico last week to visit and photograph the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Winter is the time of year that the migratory birds call this area home. We saw thousands of cranes, snow geese and other water fowl and got some great images of other wildlife. Bosque del Apache or “Forest of the Apache” is an area that surrounds the Rio Grande River about 90 miles south of Albuquerque. A wet land area in the middle of the New Mexico desert, Bosque del Apache was created in 1939 as a winter refuge for migratory birds and other wildlife. According to the visitors center there are (at the time we were there) 8000 Sandhill Cranes, and 40,000 Snow Geese and thousands of other migratory water fowl and birds. At the end of February the Cranes will be moving to the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge for a few months and then fly up to the Yellowstone National Park area for the summer. Sounds like a retirees life, south in the winter then go up north for the summer!

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Quirky Little Towns

Driving around this weekend I had to stop and take a photo of this “police car”. As you can guess the people in this little town of Rand Colorado, population 49, thought they could slow people down by setting up this police car. I don’t know if it really works or not, but it’s a great photo opportunity. If you look inside the car it looks like ET is sitting the drivers seat.

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