Pawnee Buttes – Keota Colorado


Last weekend I went to the north eastern part of Colorado in hopes to photograph the full moon as it was rising in the Pawnee Buttes National Grasslands. But the weather didn’t cooperate when the moon was rising. I did get some great shots of the nearly abandoned town of Keota Colorado. Life is very hard on the eastern plains of Colorado, not much rain, windy and a tough place to earn a living. Novelist James Mitchener used Keota as his base of operations when he was writing his novel Centennial.


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  1. bob west July 31, 2014 at 6:55 pm #

    In 1961, I attended CSU, in the Geology Dept. One weekend we visited Pawnee Buttes looking for dinosaurs and dragons. LOL We passed through Keota and most of the buildings were still standing. In credible site and vivid memories. I remember passing through cattle guards, rattle snakes and a coyote that walked right up to these strange beings. Couple of pronghorns. I have to put it on my bucket list and bring my camera. These photos are wonderful. Thanks

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