Washington State


I was in Seattle/Bellingham Washington for my Nephew’s wedding and had the opportunity to stay in Seattle for a few days and then travel to Bellingham. I  have never been to Washington before and I was impressed by the beauty of the area. Seattle is a wonderful city with tons of photo opportunities, and the country side is beautiful. This gallery has a few of  images that I captured. Hope you enjoy them.

The Space Needle was taken from our hotel window. The State Hotel sign featuring “75 cent” rooms is NOT where we stayed, but it is a great sign that is in the old downtown. We did take the underground tour of Seattle which was really interesting. Seattle built on top of their downtown buildings for various reasons and I would recommend the tour if you are ever there. One of the photos is of the side walk and the next one is of the same sidewalk but looking up from underground. While waiting at the bus stop, for about 25 minutes I noticed an old man staring out his 4th floor window, I took the photo of him and upped the contrast for an effect that I think captured my vision of him.

Other photos are of the market in Seattle, flowers that we saw while driving through the country side, a lighthouse I saw from a ferry that was taking us across the bay, a slug (the only wildlife I saw) and of course, my nephew and his bride, Scott and Rebecca Hutchison along with Scott’s two daughters.



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